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Post  EnergyK on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:33 pm

These include the clan rules.

1. Respect all members, everyone here in general. No discriminating against peoples' race, religion, sex, etc. or I will discuss with Onion and he will take further action and I will IP Ban you from forums.

2. No cussing. We aren't a bunch of immature kids running around. Use better judgement and use more appropriate wording. Warnings will be given but I will not tolerate constant use of foul language.

3. No DOUBLEDOUBLE posting AT ALL. I've been a part of numerous forums and I absolutely hate this. I will warn you but I don't take this lightly. You may however BUMP your topic ONCE after 24 hours. Don't shadowbump where you bump, then delete your post or edit as I can still read them. Don't test me.

4. No NECROPOSTING. This is another thing I hate. Don't bother posting in months old threads. Instead create a new topic. I might institute a auto-delete system which deletes topics after a month but maybe they'll be useful for future references.

5. No one word posts just using lol or no or something. Only one word posts allowed will be BUMP. Anything else will not be allowed.

More will be added.


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