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1. As a Clan, Templars try to only recruit people with similar personalities, goals and values. All of our members support and follow our Clan rules and anyone who cannot, will most likely be removed. Our Clan rules and conduct have served us well and continue to help move the clan forward. Our rules include, but are not limited to:

2. Clan First: We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of 'Clan first'. Anything a member does reflects on the overall Clan image and on all fellow members. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the clan image that we have worked very hard to build and maintain over time.
3. We recruit the PERSON not the TOON. We look for good PEOPLE not only a toon that meets a specific set of requiements. We prefer members of Celtic Heroes be a member of our clan.
4. If this game put in PvP, then it is not permitted to relay any private information outside of clan, for any reason, at any time. Private information could include (but not limited to) things like: Toon set up, Faction Strategies, Allied Spies, etc.
5. Participate In Clan Events. Hunts, Raids, Events and other in game activities occur all the time. You are expected to try and take place in as many of them as possible. We understand people have lives and cannot live within the online world and that is ok. But if you are online, and we are having a clan event of some sort, you need to be there and participating in it. Actively working against the clan could result in immediate and permanent removal.
6. Chieftain roles in Celtic Heroes are based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a chieftain in a particular spot. You can be assured that your chieftain is working hard to make the game more fun for you. If you feel a chieftain made an error in his/her decision, then they should be reported to MadOnion where he will be dealt with and, if needed, changes made. Absent those changes, all chieftain should be listened to as though it was MadOnion giving the order.
7. We are a group of friends. Backing up your clanmates is expected because they will do the same for you. Celtic Heros members should understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for a clan group to complete a mission. We dont view it as personal sacrifice, however, because we are helping out a friend and that is more important than loot or pixels on a screen. Games come and go. Celtic Heroes and the friendships within it, remain.
8. Deadweight is not needed in the clan. If you can't make an effort to be part of the clan in some way, then we don't need you. We do have "inactive" members who are retired from games we play but still are a part of the clan family.
9. Celtic Heroes Forums. Generally "inactive" members still keep in touch via our forums. For those active in games, we expect them to read our forums periodically for updates. If you are going to be "inactive", then it would be nice of you to try posting on our forums once in a while to keep us informed on how you are doing and so forth. Any issues, ideas, feedback etc. that you have should be posted on our forums in the correct section. Simply vanishing off the face of the earth without letting somebody know could be taken as a sign you have quit the clan and member could be removed. Taking an active role on our forums can sometimes help us get to know you and/or your personality better ...especially if some of us do not usually play a game the same times as you.
10. Members who cannot follow our rules and standards, will probably be removed from the clan.
11. Always remember: we are here to have fun.

Clan Conduct

1. The Clan Conduct goes hand in hand with our Clan rules but they bear repeating so all future members understand what we expect from members. Those standards of conduct include, but are not limited to:
2. Members should not use cheats.
3. Members should not kill other players in order to grief them. Consensual pvp is permitted and a fun aspect of the clan in some games.
4. Upholding of all clan values and rules is required of all members.
5. Members should behave in a mature, professional, and clan focused manner. Self focused, loot focused, immature people will not be tolerated.
6. Make friends in the clan. At our core we are a group of friends. So make friends. Those friendships make us strong.
7. Any issues with clan policies should be brought directly to MadOnion, Clan Chieftain . Publically bashing or complaining about things clan related is not tolerated.
8. Personal attacks on other members is not permitted. Handle issues with another player 1 on 1, in a mature professional way. Seek a Chieftain, Guardian, for help if needed but do not personally attack other members.
9. Backstabbing, looting, stealing from, scamming or otherwise harming other members is not permitted. It all goes back to our core value that we are a group of friends.
10. Profanity, sexual content, and/or obscene content should be held in check in clan forums. Sometimes those things might be seen/heard, but try to keep it posted at least. It is always a good idea to know your members when discussing a particular topic and the use of your language.
11. If a clan Chieftain tells you to do something, then you should do it. Do not argue, complain, or get nasty with them. Removal will most likely happen. Then you can explain to MadOnion why you had to behave .

Clan Benefits

1. We help out each other thought the game, quests ,loots , boss raids
2. Raffle free stuff away monthly, 50,000 coin ,potions , armors etc..
3. Lots of good people to chat to while leveling up
4. We try to pass down weapons/armor to new clan mates to git them started on two feet

Why Join Clan

1. Some clans focus on competition and may arrange recruitment, scrimmages and training sessions to reach their goals. For example, some clans only recruit skilled players who they think can help their clan win matches. It is common for a prospective clan member to be asked to prove their skill in a game, by taking a series of tests against current clan members in a private server. Some teams will also only recruit players who have a proven history with other successful teams, in order to prevent cheaters from joining their team.
2. Joining a clan places one within a social network which provides access to resources, knowledge, and help needed to accomplish many game related goals. In addition, banding together with like-minded players seems to fulfill a human desire for social interaction. Taken together, these two factors can vastly enhance the gameplay experience of many players.
3. Gamers form clans in order to assist each other. Some members may focus on supporting roles, while others focus on more direct action.Members could focus on trading skills, such as farming or boss raids, to be able to provide their members with good weapons and armor at little or no cost. Similarly, thus hoping to more effectively use their available manpower. Often this division of labor extends into the overall administration of the clan as well, with an individual having specific areas of responsibility such as recruiting, coordinating league play or server administration.

Some rule will apply when they will add pvp
Raffles rules
•Must be part of the clan
•Active players are in raffle
October 14, raffles winners

1-coolzg...won 50,000 coin
2-Molo....won 4 xp potions
3-Olivia....won 1,000 coin


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