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Post  MadOnion on Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:40 pm

First of all, I want to say "Clan mates Epic, take it easy on the leader of clan, she is trying her hardest to make it work for us...."
Same here, when we where killing bosses in SV, our frags went up fast and to some players, I said that they will have their gear in 5 days..... "now our frag rate drops to zero a day" Sad As soon as I log on in 3 minutes, I get 50 whispers .... "Epic kills all bosses, we cant get any" ... "you will have my gear" .... and so on, same from your guys side ~example~

I would hate to see our good/scammer free/peaceful Rosmerta will go down because of bosses in SV
So there needs to be RULES, that puts limits on bosses to keep this world clean!!!

NOTE: Not all of these are my ideas, got them from people in game.

A) First see shouts Spirehoof boss ours , gets kill
B) First Group to get there with a minimum of 4 people ~ will provoke kill stealing to start ( two groups get there who gets kill?)
C) Nasim asked Templar to back down and let them first , no we wont back down (but you guys back down and wait till we equal with you guys ) nope no one likes it
D) Fair Share boss, okay spirehoof spawns okay ladies first Very Happy So Nasim git the kill ,firefly spawns Onion gets kill ~~best way from my option
E) Just go with the flow they see and can kill go head, two groups who will over dps him
F) Do by days November 26 Clan Epic git all day the bosses no matter if u afk, busy not on , clan not on,all farming , and so on your boss day .... November 27 Templar's day and so on ~~~~
G) Any one with more ideas?
H) Ask Admin just to pass out free wardens gear to keep it back to peaceful Very Happy

So Nasim and I where talking about it and she doesn't want a Fair Share booo Crying or Very sad
She picks groups which will provoke kill stealing, not that I am saying Epic is kill stealing, but picture this 'Spirehoof spawns, both see and both team run.' Okay, two groups there, who gets it, Epic will just be okay 'Templars you guys lower levels, go head take it.' "NOT!!!" So both clans will jump in after someone starts the battle and duhhh Epic will over damage us any time, then Epic will blame Templar for trying to kill steal, and Templars will be shouting "Epic is kill stealing us!!"
~See my point?~

So lets see what the audience thinks. +++++ PLEASE ALL WHO READ THIS POST REPLY +++++
Thank You,
By: Onion

sThx bro for your dropin in and reply , I spent 3 days not killing bosses off line , makeing rules and trying to stop this problem , so there u have your options on it btw ranger in your option is more info in it just I was running late for work
Theres a time limit for gathering idk how much time all need but some say 10 min max .So iam 3 days think how to make this wok while nasim and epic killing bosses all day Sad ....really nasim there's a problem mean u need to help , all I see is you don't wana so no other clan will get close your lvls , I was disappointed to see bh fall , just wanted so Ds and kser got banded not the hole clan closing down , so next up by lvl are Templars to epic don't like that ...they want only one clan on sever all in her clan who's not is too low lvl that doesn't matter but who close is what they hate , so if any one shortens there fargs they hate....all they care about is coin, gear , and if so clan is close to them , and they don't care about ksing cuz they more lvl ,and about the peace in our world ,if they would they she would work on rules not greedy killing all bosses , oh and in a whisper she said ok we share Templars get 1 Epic get 5 we need -all need -
And it's hard to talk to nasim she get all mad and start swearing in talks :/
And she said YOU make it happen u make ideas and I did to keep this world peacefull , o really while you so greedy of discs I make ideas but for peace I didn't and none of them she likes and she then said ok groups , what if two groups come she said o well who overs dps the boss really u want ms to start ? She a nice person but when I come up to she lvl and not in her clan she gets mad ..I am try my best ,she don't care
So who cares about peacefull world ? Nasim or Onion ?
Yea Nasim truth hurts ... Karma and admin will get bad people out of the game
And I was try to get them to cooperate they don't want to ,they rather be killin all bosses all day
I didn't want to start this post but due to loyal players/spy's in epic reported to me she didn't pass it to clan like u said
She saying, Templars saying it ks war and they don't want to share and want all bosses ,really nasim you want hell in this world? Cuz of greedy discs .....and she plays it nice in clan chat but in whispers to "trusted clan mates" in epic Smile fail ..... It's a hole different person !
Ouch this gona leave a scar
Iam for whats fair and whats truth!
••• NOTE if any wronge info can and will be edited by Onion, asap


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