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Post  EnergyK on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:42 am

Ok so I finally got my uber-cool tickle stick!(: Farming that ingot was a pain and you people know who were online with me that day it was a pain lol. Anyways I guess I should write what the quest pretty much consists of.


Basically you have your super cool warden sword, so make your way to Highshore Village and go to the weapon trader and basically talk with all the NPCs you need to there. Blahblah, they need some iron thingy to make your uber-cool tickle stick. You need Focus of Enchantment and Falling Star pieces.

Focus of Enchantment

Make your way to Severina in Dustwither Catacombs. She is the lady for the Dry Bones quest. She basically asks you for 3 Croms (Echoes - Rogues, Benediction - Warriors, Litany - Druids, Rites - Mages, Invocation - Rangers). These are rare drops from Stonevale bosses. When you have 3, go back to her and recieve your Focus of Enchantment.

Falling Star

Now make your way to Eastern Dock and talk to the trader dude whatever he is. He tells you something about wisps escaping blahblahblah. Make your way to Stonevale and pretty much camp it out until the wisps spawn (Vedranox, Skydancer, Fireflight, Voidreaper, Frostharrow). When you kill all of these, make your way back to him and recieve one part of the Falling Star.

Falling Star Part II

Now talk to the sailor dude or whatever nearby the docks and talk to him. He says he wants a compass to the Isle of Booty (oooohhh). He says he needs some diamonds and an ingot to make this compass of booty haha. He asks for Fairie Diamond, Diamond Boar Tusk, Diamond Demon Stone, Diamond Star Spirit, Diamond Soul Orb, Diamond Crystal Horn and Gold Ingot. Now all the diamonds are fairly easy to find but your real problem will be the Gold Ingot. Now, I literally got a tickle orgasm when I got this ingot lol. Make your way around Shalemont Ravine, and begin farming the little wall where Coldseers, Warmages, and Adepts spawn. When you clear that wall, head down to the bridge near Greygorge and clear the dudes sort of "guarding" the bridge. Then check on Atrisal the Invincible (killed him a couple of times...change name please) and if he's up get a group going and poke him and tickle him as best you can until he dies and hope he drops an ingot. Theoretically he can drop 2 ingots in 1 kill but the chances of that happening are well...keep tickling. When you finally get your shiny ingot, make your way back to the sailor. He will give you the final piece to the Falling Star.


Make your way back to the mage dude in the village and he will give you the iron. Then talk to the weapon dude and alas, your freaking awesome tickle poking stick. Now make your way to wild dogs near by and slap them around, tickle and poke them violently. [b]

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Post  wtfhax on Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:57 pm

pssht, im gonna do this quest just for the compass to the "isle of booty"

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Post  Samn on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:34 pm

Different type of booty hax...


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Post  Saphire on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:09 pm

sam, don't burst his bubble. lol!

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