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FROM CELTIC FORUMS (XLegion) ~~~~quited game cuz for the ks problem Crying or Very sad

Since there isn't really a new players forum, I thought I'd put together a brief outline of tips to help out new players. Any additional advice/tips are of course welcomed.

This Guide has been altered to match Update 2

The Basics


Warrior: strong melee fighter, can fight with either a 2 handed weapon, or a 1 handed weapon and shield, or 2 one handed weapons. Weapons include Axes, Maces, Swords, and Spears- (Recommend heavy armor)
Ranger: ranged dmg dealer that fights with bows, or a Spear for melee combat- (Recommend medium armor)
Rogue: melee dmg dealer that fights with daggers-can equip 2, or a spear- (Recommend medium armor)
Druid: ranged healing class-fights with a 2 handed staff, or a 1 handed totem- (Recommend light armor)
Mage: ranged dmg dealer that uses spells/wands- (Recommend light armor)


Strength: increases damage done by melee attacks and weapons.
Dexterity: increases chance to avoid being hit, also increases chance to hit with auto attacks (Thnx admin for the info)
Focus: increases energy pool-helpful for all classes, but mostly those who primarily cast spells.
Vitality: increases health pool-helpful for all classes.

Defense: is what allows a character to evade weapon attacks. This is measured against an enemies attack score to see if an evade or miss is possible.
Armor: actually reduces the amount of damage done when hit.
**Note on armor:: armor weight reduces energy pool, the heavier it is, the less energy you have.
Attack: is similar to defense in that this determines how well YOU can hit the enemy. This is measured against their Defense score.
Damage: is how hard you actually hit with your weapon.
TIP: Defense and Attack are primarily altered by the Dex stat. Armor and Damage are primarily effected by the items you have. Damage is also effected by the Strength stat.

Resistance: This is basically armor for elemental attacks. If you have high resistance to fire, then you will receive a lot less damage from fire attacks.

The Screen

1) Top left is a celtic symbol-this is opens your main menu and allows you to select an option.
1 a )From the main menu you can open your map. This will show either the area you are in (dungeon/city) or the larger Zone map. You can see where merchants and quest givers/turn ins are located on this screen. When you discover large stones (or Leystones), it allows a player to then Fast Travel (or teleport) to that location.
**NOTE: fast travel depends on how many items you currently have in your inventory-default is 5 items. Additional slots can be purchased in the game store.
1 b) Also from the main menu is the "OPTIONS" screen. This is where you can log off of a character.
2) Below that is a symbol of 3 figures- this opens the list of players-in area, clan, friends, or group.
3) Below that is a thought bubble-this allows players to "say" (immediate area for all to see), "shout" (zone for all to see), "reply" (to a whisper), or talk to clan or group.
4) the three !!! marks are for emotes. such as bow or wave.
5) circle pad for movement, has North, South, East, West on it to help with direction. Also shows Merchants (designated by a coin), quest givers (designated by a !), and quest turn in (designated by a ?).
6) Top middle of the screen is a 3 section bar- green is health, blue is energy and below both is your xp progress bar.
7)The abc surrounded by a down arrow- expands chat history menu. This includes xp gained.
Cool the right side of the screen has 3 skill slots (more can be purchased in the store) and two item slots (located above the skill slots).
9) in the bottom right hand corner is the large "action" button. This allows you to attack (auto attack), or perform other actions like talking to npc's or checking out other players.
10) below the action button is a number-this is your latency (or connection) value. Green is stable, Red is poor. If this starts climbing very quickly you might have lost connection.

Q & A and TIPS

*What are skills and abilities?
Skills are actions your character can perform such as Pummel- a warrior attack, or bind wounds- a healing skill available to all classes. Skills books can be bought from Skill Merchants. Abilities are basically how good at something your character is. You must first "train" to have an ability from trainers. Once training is purchased, you can use skills to help increase the value of that ability. Example: bind wounds helps with the "First Aid" ability. The Higher your First Aid ability (and level of skill), the more can you heal for. Another example: once "trained" in Fire Magic, using Fire Bolt can increase the Fire Magic ability, and that means Fire Bolt does more damage.
TIP: When you first start out, save your skill points. When you purchase a skill book from a merchant, it automatically has a level of 1-meaning you can use it right away. As each skill gains levels, it becomes stronger, but costs more energy to cast. It is easier to increase your ability if the cost is low-meaning you can cast that skill more often. This also increases the strength of each skill-but does not effect the energy cost. You can always put points in to something later, to reset them you need to make a purchase in the game store.

*Where can I find Skill Merchants and Ability Trainers?
Some can be found in Farcrag Castle, while most others are located in Highshore Village. There is a spear trainer in Shalemont Ravine and the Totem trainer is in Stonevale.
TIP: The spear trainer can be easily reached, but you might need a high level escort to reach the Totem trainer since there are level 50+ baddies on the path.

*Why does my Ability score not increase every time I cast a skill?
admin wrote:
Each time you do the action there is a random chance that the ability associated with it will go up

In other words, it's luck of the draw on getting it to go up, which is why it is easier to increase ability if you can cast the skill multiple times.(See the above TIP in *what are skills and abilities?)

*How can I access the Game Store?
From the Main Menu, there is an option to go directly to the game store. (See "The Screen" section)

*What are the star symbols above my enemies?
These indicate how hard that enemy is. 1 star enemies are relatively weak, while 4 star enemies might require teamwork to bring down.
TIP: Higher star enemies have better chances to drop loot/items that are better than lower star enemies of the same level.

*What should I put my stat points in?
That depends on how you like to play each character. If you wanted to have a full strength mage, you could, but you might not be very effective as mages use energy based skills as the main form of damage. A reset can be bought from the game store if you want to change things up. As a general rule, all classes need some vitality and focus. Classes that use physical attacks will need strength, vitality and dexterity, while the casting classes should put many points into focus.
TIP: I personally like to have a close match up of Strength and Vitality (i put something into all stats) on my warrior, where as on my Mage, I concentrate on mostly Focus, with a balance of vitality and dexterity).

*Do Rangers have to use arrows?
This is a bit confusing, but you do not need to purchase arrows in order to attack with a bow (it's magic! ). You can buy arrows that will add bonuses to your attack, or get them from enemies/quests.

*Do I have to be on WIFI in order to play Celtic Heroes?
It certainly helps, but no. Celtic Heroes is playable on the 3G network. (Possibly 4G as well, I'm not sure).

*Why does my health and energy regenerate so slowly?
There is a default increase of +2/second for each. There are skills for both health and energy that can also temporarily increase the regen. Additionally, items can be bought in the game store that will permanently increase the regen.
TIP: The ones bought in the store will stack, but are bought on individual character basis.

*What should I spend my gold on?
Training an ability will be the most useful thing you can buy, followed by skills. Armor and weapons will help make combat easier, while Items that increase energy or health can be useful in a pinch.
TIP: For most classes (tank build being the exception) it is best to buy a good weapon before armor. This will help in gathering up gold to buy the next upgrade.

*Are my characters stored on my hardware device?
All data is stored online. If you delete and re-download the app, just re-enter your account name and password and all of your characters will be there.

*How many characters can I have?
You are allowed 2 free character slots per server. If you want more you can purchase additional slots in the game store-limit 5 total characters per server.

*Where can I get free platinum? (answer courtesy of ZorG)
You can go to an in-game menu -> Social Network -> Facebook/twitter. Like Celtic heroes group and follow it on twitter => you get 10 platinum

*Where can I report an issue with Celtic Heroes?
-If there is a glitch with the game itself the best place to report it is in the Support section of the Forums.
-If there are issues with other players, or your own account (such as purchases not going through, or not able to see your characters) take screen shots and e-mail them to BE SPECIFIC about your issue, and also BE PATIENT! Admins are very busy helping people and also keeping the game running smoothly.
TIP: If a player is annoying you, it is much better to simply block that person than to report them. Reporting players should be for excessive behavior such as yelling obscenities (curse words) in shout repeatedly. If deemed worthy, the Admins will ban an account, but again, will only do so with enough evidence.

Other questions?? Feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer.
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